I am an independent documentary photographer questioning social, political and economic relationships.
I study these relationships where they cause frictions in personal lives. Citizenship, displacement,
identity and repression are my main subjects of interest. I empathize with people searching for their
way, sometimes finding their strengths regardless of their vulnerabilities.

I try to give a voice to those who don't have the means to speak up for themselves. I encourage members
of all sides of the society as extensively as possible to participate in projects and to discuss vital
questions and issues surrounding them, through verbal, written and photographic means.

Academie voor Journalistiek en Voorlichting, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, The Netherlands

[2007] 'Glassphemy', part of a group exhibition in gallery 'Toon je Kunst', The Hague, The Netherlands
[2008] 'Groeten uit Burnout' at Psyq, The Hague, The Netherlands
[2008] group exhibition Fotogram Trofee, at Fotogram Amsterdam and Fotogram Rotterdam, The Netherlands
[2010] 'Not a Vacation' in ABC Treehouse Amsterdam, The Netherlands